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How To Prep From Newbies To Vets

We have had a lot of people move to Florida during the "Covid Years" and for most of them, this will be the first experience with a hurricane. Some of us, like myself, were born and raised here. So this is something that we have dealt with in the past. No matter which side you are on, there are some basic things to keep in mind with Ian approaching. Our friends at the Orlando Sentinel put together a great guide for rookies and veterans alike. Here are some of the basic takeaways...

For Rookies:

Don't panic or overreact, get your supplies/needs early, pay attention to evacuation orders and follow them, and pick up anything in the yard or porch that could be carried away by the wind now.

For Vets:

Don't panic or underreact, check your hurricane kit, prep for the worst while hoping for the best, and check on your neighbors.

I will throw in... if you're out buying water, you don't need bottled water to do your usual daily stuff. We fill gallon jugs with tap water to use for brushing our teeth and washing our face because that's what you would use if there was no hurricane... No need to brush your teeth with a bottle of Fiji Water... who are you, Elon Musk?

You can check out the full guide from the Orlando Sentinel HERE

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