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15 Things Parents Secretly Hate About Their Kids

We love our kids... Right?? Of course we do! But there are some things about having kids that just aren't awesome, if we're being honest. A survey found 15 things that parents secretly hate about their kids... and maybe it's just having kids in general... I will admit to 4 of these... Which if you ask me, makes me a pretty OK parent. How many will you admit to?

1. Your weekends are ruined.

2. How "cute" milestones can make things harder.

3. Having to be nice to them when you're in a bad mood.

4. The mess.

5. Mindless playing.

6. It makes work harder.

7. All the extra cooking.

8. Working all day, then having to go to a play or band recital.

9. Dealing with other parents' nonsense.

10. How touchy-feely kids can be.

11. One mom admitted she secretly hates her kid for ruining her body.

12. You can't leave the house once they go to bed without getting a babysitter.

13. Not being able to take a day off when you're sick.

14. They follow you everywhere.

15. The pressure that every little mistake made as a parent could scar them for life.

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