Scared Woman Films Alien-Like 'Monster' In Her Drain

Photo: Getty Images

Old homes tend to hide a lot of secrets. Some have hidden rooms, some have creepy histories and some apparently have monsters. That was the case for Melissa Ciccocipoppo, who lives in a 100-year-old home in Pittsburgh. As Melissa went to check on the floor drain in her basement, she shined a light down the pipe only to discover a wriggling, writhing creature. She grabbed her phone, filmed the object and posted the video to Reddit, titling it, "WTF is this monster in my drain?!"

Plenty of commenters attempted to identify it and the consensus is that it isn't just one creature but many - tubiflex worms. One person explained, "They bunch together in colonies like that, and are mostly found in sewer systems." Another wrote, "Looks similar to a colony of tubiflex worms. Creepy looking but not too uncommon apparently." That's right - you might also of a blob of worms in your home.

Tubiflex worms, which are also known as sludge worms, move by stretching and pulling. They feed on bacteria, so sewers and pipes make the perfect home for them. They love to meet up with other sludge worms and form one big mass, like the one in Melissa's home. The good news is they are harmless.

In a follow-up post on her Instagram, which includes photos and the video, Melissa further explained what happened, stating, "This is all so ridiculous and it all started when I was doing a routine inspection in my basement and thought to myself, 'I haven't looked down that drain in the middle of the floor in awhile. I wonder if anything is going on in there. And oh, OMG, there WAS!" She added, "It's equal parts terrifying and fascinating."

Not everyone agrees. Comments on the post include, "Hey man this is the worst thing I've ever seen," and, "No, I don't think I will look at that," and, "Yeah, it's best for my mental health to just believe this is a rare creature that can't possibly live where I do."

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