Extremely Rare Event Happens On 'Jeopardy' Just Before Commercial Break

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Lately on Jeopardy, you never know what can happen. In just the last month, there have been stories about a host leaving, clues having the same responses, and losers making more than winners. Now, something extremely rare has gone down.

It took place early on Wednesday's episode, when returning champ Ilhana Redzovic, who had built a score of $2,200, landed on the Daily Double. It had already been a rough round for all contestants up to that point, with six incorrect responses during the first 15 clues. Wanting to take a solid lead, Ilhana wagered everything but responded incorrectly after host Mayim Bialik read the clue, "Lamborghini's Sesto Elemento was named for its pioneering use of this, from which much of the car is made." Ilhana guessed "What's aluminum?" but the correct answer was carbon.

The miss took her score to 0 but she actually still had the lead since the other players were both in the red at -$200. The show then took a commercial break with all three players either in the negative or with no money, something that rarely ever happens.

Photo: Sony/Jeopardy

Fans were shocked by the scores, with some expressing their opinions on Reddit writing things like, "That was the worst Jeopardy round I've ever seen," "I don't know if it was just me, but that was pretty dismal," "When was the last time they went to first break with no one above $0?" and, "I’ve watched a lot of Jeopardy. Dunno if I’ve ever seen them go to the first break with no one having money (and two in the negative)."

That then got people wondering what happens if the game ends and none of the contestants have any money. Well according to Newsweek, that situation has actually happened six times, and one of those was during the second show Alex Trebek ever hosted. On that episode, and the other five times it's occurred, all three players go home and there is no returning champ.

As for Wednesday's game, the Double Jeopardy round went a bit smoother for all the players, and Ilhana still led going into the Final Jeopardy round. She had $10,400 against her competitors' $10,200 and $4,600. No one got the Final Jeopardy clue correct but Ilhana didn't wager anything so she won $10,400, bringing her two-day total winnings to $30,800.

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