Trucker Spooked After Ghost Is Filmed Hanging On His Rig

A trucker's life can be tough with many hours spent on the road, high gas prices, traffic, overnights in their cab, flat tires, and many other potential issues, but one thing they probably didn't think they'd have to worry about is ghosts, however that wasn't the case for one driver who claims to have come into contact with one.

The trucker was leading a convoy in the middle of the night through Argentina's Cordoba Province when he passed a woman standing at the side of the road. He checked back on her by looking in his mirrors but she had disappeared. Surprised and likely concerned that she went in the street, he radioed to the rest of the convoy for them to be on the lookout, but he was shocked with how they responded - by telling him the woman was hanging on the back of his rig.

He didn't have much time to freak out though - moments later, the woman vanished once again.

Convinced they had seen a ghost, the truckers were so disturbed by what happened that they scrapped their plans to sleep nearby and instead drove another 80 miles to put some distance between them and the creepy incident.

The truck driver, named Jorge, told the local news outlet, "I didn't believe in these things until it happened to me."

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