Travis Scott Goes Great Lengths To Ensure Kylie & Stormi's Safety On Tour



Travis Scott doesn't mess around when it comes to his family's safety.

According to TMZ, when his "wifey" Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi join him on the road for his Astroworld Tour, the "SICKO MODE" rapper doesn't just up his security detail, he changes all of his security protocol.

Travis' first step in making sure his number one ladies are safe at all of his concert stops is bringing on about five or six additional security guards "to run a batter of Secret Service-style maneuvers," sources told the gossip site. He "has them conduct thorough sweeps of dressing rooms and backstage areas for more than an hour." Not only that, but the security team prepares emergency exit routes in case the family has to make a quick exit. And to ensure that no one who is not in their circle of trust knows where Kylie and Stormi are at any given moment, their itineraries are kept under lock and key — known only to the family's bodyguards and management team, insiders confirmed.

While the increase in security is a world of difference from when Travis is alone on tour, causing "more work and effort" for staff, his team reportedly looks forward to Kylie and Stormi's visits because the "STARGAZING" rapper is said to be in a better mood when they're around. 

Kylie recently returned to their home in Calabasas after hitting the road with her and Travis' daughter Stormi for the first few weeks of Travis' Astroworld Tour.  

During one of the tour stops, Kylie shared an adorable video of Stormi sitting atop her father's shoulders onstage during rehearsals. The Astroworld rapper also shared cute moments of the family of three on tour. Just last month, he posted two videos his little one dancing while watching his New York City concert at Madison Square Garden. "MSG ALL RAGERS INCLUDED," Travis captioned the series of videos posted to his Instagram that showed his ten-month-old daughter cutting lose — bouncing up and down and giggling — as she watched her dad perform from a monitor backstage. 

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